Visually impaired patient clings to life with cadaver liver transplant


Visually impaired Metin Tekin (58), who needed an organ transplant due to liver failure, took the first step into his new life with a phone call during Organ Donation Week. Tekin, who had a liver transplant from a cadaver, said, “I was saved by organ donation. I also donate my organs. A life has gone, a life has begun. I am sorry for the person who lost his life, but I would like to meet his family to thank him.”

Entrance: 21.11.2023 – 10:34 Update: 21.11.2023 – 10:36

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Metin Tekin, who lives in Denizli, lost his left eye due to fever when he was only 6 months old. The health problems of Tekin, who lost his only sighted eye due to diabetes 8 years ago, did not end there. Tekin, who had liver failure due to fatty liver, was included in the organ transplant list for transplantation. The good news came during Organ Donation Week, November 3-9. The liver of a brain-dead patient in Izmir was transplanted to Metin Tekin on November 3.

Saying ‘hello’ to life again with an organ transplant, Tekin said, “I had the chance to have a liver transplant. I received a liver from a cadaver. I was in despair during this process. I couldn’t sleep at night, but I prayed to God. I thank both the donor of the organ and the person who performed the transplant. I was saved by organ donation.” “I will also donate my organs. A life has passed, a life has begun. I am sorry for the person who lost his life, but I would like to meet his family to thank him,” he said.

Tekin’s wife, Hacer Tekin, also said that the organ they were waiting for came out in a short time like a week and their prayers were accepted.


General Surgery Specialist Prof. gave information about Metin Tekin’s transplantation process and health condition. Dr. Murat Zeytunlu said, “The best part of this transplant news was that it took place during Organ Donation Week. Metin Bey had a chance with the organ coming from the cadaver on November 3. Metin Bey’s disease is one of the most common diseases for which liver transplantation is performed today. It was fatty liver. One of the most common causes of fatty liver is alcohol consumption. However, this type of liver failure also occurs after changes in eating habits, especially fatty liver caused by chronic diseases such as diabetes. The gastroenterologist in Denizli gave Metin Bey an indication for liver transplantation. He referred him to our center. Unfortunately, since the number of organ donations is low in our country, we asked Mr. Metin if he had a living donor. There was no suitable person in his family, but fortunately, a cadaver organ transplant was obtained within a week. After the transplant, he was discharged after a week of hospitalization. He was discharged after a week of hospitalization. We always say its importance, but unfortunately we cannot increase this rate. We need to increase the rate of organ donation from cadavers. Because the number of people waiting for organs is high,” he said.


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