A cure for snoring has been found. The solution is actually very close to you

A cure for snoring has been found. The solution is actually very close to you
A cure for snoring has been found. The solution is actually very close to you

The solution to the problem of snoring, which is a nightmare for the person next to you rather than the person who snores at night, is actually much simpler than we think.

In the November issue of Platin Magazine, Dr. According to the article written by Kemal TuskanIn order to cope with the daily hustle and bustle of life as well as busy and fast-paced business life, it is very important to have efficient and quality sleep.

Well, are you aware that you carry the solution to improving your sleep quality in your pocket?

In fact, you may never have thought that our mobile phones, which often reduce our quality of life, would be beneficial in improving our sleep quality. However, every blessing comes with both good and bad sides, and it is up to you to decide in which direction you will use it.


In this issue, I would like to tell you about how to use mobile phones to improve your sleep quality and what you can do to detect and solve your sleep problems. You can use it for free in your mobile phone’s app store. There are sleep tracking programs available.

These programs can understand your sleep entry and exit, or whether you are asleep or not, from your breathing rate and body mobility.

What does this benefit us? Sleep is a physiological event that occurs in four stages.

The first two stages can be called the yeast of sleep. The third stage is called deep sleep. This stage contains important functions for vital and critical brain functions for us.

Deleting unimportant data and sorting important data is like the resting phase of the brain cortex, in short, like the on/off function on your mobile phones.‘Shake yourself up, come to your senses – be defeated’ You can think of this phase as a mode.

This phase is immediately followed by the sleep phase called REM (rapid eye movements), which we all know as the dreaming state.

If these stages occur in a proper order, you will only have a proper sleep and rest. The same programs record the duration and intensity of your snoring and even your delirium during sleep.


The most important thing is that your deep sleep phase starts properly and lasts for a sufficient period of time… To create a healthy feeling of waking up. You need to be able to stay in deep sleep for at least 2-3 hours.

The most important problem that prevents deep sleep is snoring, which is a nuisance for many of us. Deep sleep is a phase in which cerebral cortex activity is greatly reduced, so our muscles relax and the most severe snoring occurs in this phase.

The noise made during sleep can disrupt deep sleep. So, if your sleep tracking program says you snore above 60 decibels (dB), your sleep quality It will never be enough. Another problem is that at this stage, as a result of the relaxation of the muscles, the uvula collapses and the big tongue moves backwards, resulting in apnea.

Apnea causes a decrease in blood oxygen. Usually, one goes back to the next stage, that is, the sleep fermentation stage, without realizing it, and again, sufficient deep sleep time is not achieved. Although a little less common, in business life Restless legs syndrome, which I think is frequently seen because it is triggered by high stress.

If your application warns you that your body activity is excessive, restless legs are another obstacle to deep sleep.

You can follow all these from the sleep tracking application screen. Thus, you can identify the hours when you experience sleep disturbances. And it is not difficult to find solutions. Maybe even just a pillow change will be enough.

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