The weather may not be the reason for your constant sweating! If you experience this symptom, run to a doctor.


“Excessive sweating can cause serious problems”

Whether it is summer or winter, there are people who have sweating problems. Although excessive sweating greatly affects a person’s quality of life, there is also a certain decrease in social desire in people who sweat excessively. People who are uncomfortable with sweating generally act slowly and do not want to be involved in the sweating process. For this reason, excessive sweating causes many problems in the person. Excessive sweating should never be taken lightly. Excessive sweating hides a serious problem. Of course, these problems can lead to health problems if left untreated. If you have a problem with excessive sweating, be sure to consult a specialist and have all the tests done.

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Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis. In this case, the body sweats more than normal. Sweating is the natural process that regulates body temperature. Excessive sweating is generally accepted as a health problem. The causes of this situation include genetic factors and hormonal changes, as well as stress, obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney disease and menopause. Some people sweat excessively and there is no obvious reason.

“These diseases can cause excessive sweating”

This congenital disorder, called “phenylketonuria”, causes excessive sweating due to a deficiency of enzymes such as enylalanine hydroxylase, resulting in a lack of intelligence and development.

Acrodynia, which primarily affects children and is also known as pink disease, causes the sweat glands to become active. Other symptoms of the disease include swelling and pain in the hands and feet. Severe heart failure causes difficulty breathing due to difficulty breathing.

During and before menopause, women begin to sweat excessively. Serious sweating problems occur as a result of overactivity of the thyroid gland. In this case, it is very important to have your thyroid checked for excessive sweating.

As a result of overactive thyroid, people experience sweating problems and changes in body temperature occur depending on the metabolic rate.

Sweating, which is common in infections, is an important element that helps eliminate the disease from the body. It is quite possible to experience sudden sweating problems in infectious diseases.

The above situations may cause sweating problems. When this situation arises, direct professional supervision is one of the most important factors. It is important to carry out the necessary examinations under the supervision of a professional doctor in order to control sweating and eliminate the main causes of sweating.

What causes sudden excessive sweating?

If you suddenly start sweating, there may be a problem with your adrenal glands. Rapid stimulation of the adrenal glands activates various stimuli in the human body, causing the body to secrete cold sweat. It is very important to consult a specialist if the following symptoms occur in addition to sudden sweating: These symptoms include:

severe pain

Rapid drop in blood sugar levels and blood pressure

Bleeding in the stomach or intestines

It is important for people who experience excessive sweating to talk to their doctor about treatment options and develop an appropriate treatment plan. There are also practical tips that will improve your quality of life. For example, if you have a problem with excessive sweating, you should change your clothes and shoes frequently. Cotton clothes absorb sweat well and allow the skin to breathe. In addition, those who have sweating problems should take frequent showers and keep the sweating areas especially clean. This reduces the risk of infection and sweating.

Those who sweat excessively should take precautions to prevent skin irritation. For example, it is important to clean and dry the inflamed area, use lotions and creams, protect the skin from excessive friction, and wear breathable clothing.

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