Glutathione treatment in the light of new information

Glutathione treatment in the light of new information
Glutathione treatment in the light of new information

Aging is an inevitable fate for all of us. According to the data of the World Health Organization, the number of elderly people in the world will reach 2.1 billion in 2050. Deterioration in the health of the elderly is a major problem that will affect the whole world, and therefore understanding and correcting the underlying mechanisms of aging and diseases has become an urgent health problem in the Decrease in muscle strength, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, insulin resistance and thickening of the belly area (central obesity) come with age.2.

The advantage of yesterday’s youth and today’s elderly over previous generations is the incredibly rapid developments in science. Medical science has biotechnology, pharmacology, genetics, etc. that support it. It evolved to a different stage at an incredible speed with the support of other branches. We are trying to benefit from it, too, but there is a problem that, as scientific discoveries evolve into commercial products (which I have no say in, this would be like fighting the laws of nature), they sometimes carry with them the potential to move away from science. In these cases, we have no choice but to find the way with the light of science. Science says that our glutathione levels decrease with aging and it is beneficial to correct them, but how?3. Today, I would like to tell you about a study published in January 2023, which has a gold star evidentiary value because it is a randomized clinical trial.

Maybe there are people who are still confused about glutathione treatment, what do you say, let’s check ourselves in the light of what glutathione does, current treatment methods and the latest scientific data, and then decide together what and how to do it?

Glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in the body, but melatonin is another most important. I plan to discuss this issue in detail in my future articles.

Premranjan Kumar an American scientist trained in medicine, biotechnology, and pharmacology 4. There are too many studies to go into detail here.5 and proceeding in the light of information, in a study published in 2020 on mice, it was found that the combination of NAC (N-acetylcysteine) and Glycine (GlyNAC) corrected Glutathione deficiency in old mice, as well as oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in vital organs such as the heart, liver and lungs, mitophagy. found that it corrected various markers of aging, such as disorders and genomic damage. As a result, he thought that GlyNac support could also have these positive effects on people.6.

His second publication was about a study conducted on humans during the Covid-19 period. diagnosed with Covid-19; A common feature in 65 young, middle-aged and elderly patients aged between 21-85 was found to have significantly lower glutathione levels than the healthy control group. At the same time, oxidative stress, oxidative damage had increased very seriously. Although the study had limitations due to time constraints, it could easily be interpreted that these underlying disorders were suitable for GlyNAC support. 7.

A pilot study in humans was then followed by a randomized clinical trial, the gold standard of evidence. The aim of the pilot study was to investigate the superiority of adding glycine over using NAC alone.8. The results of the study were impressive, now it was time to investigate these data with a Randomized Clinical Trial and the detailed results of studying more people.9. Aging causes changes in physical, cellular, biochemical properties10. This study looks at all these changes and the benefits obtained as a result of using GlyNAC supplementation in the elderly are:

  • Glutathione deficiency: Glutathione level in the muscles increases by 121 percent after 2 weeks and by 164 percent after 16 weeks. In the blood, 173 percent improves after 2 weeks and 225 percent after 16 weeks.
  • Reduction of oxidative stress
  • Increased exercise capacity
  • Improvement of mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Improvement in intercellular communication
  • Improvement in insulin resistance
  • Recovery from genomic damage
  • Effective performance of Mitophagy and Autophagy
  • Physical function and strength, muscle regeneration (meaning recovery from stem cell fatigue)
  • Slowing down cell aging
  • telomere health
  • Endothelial function, vascular health
  • Tightening around the waist
  • Drop in systolic blood pressure
  • Drop in triglyceride level

It is very pleasing that no side effects were observed and no participants dropped out of the study. It was observed that the effects of GlyNAC use began in the second week and continued to increase in the following weeks. All of these improvements were restored within 12 weeks after GlyNAC use was discontinued, but the improvement in mitochondrial function persisted for longer. This study shows us that the use of GlyNAC in healthy aging is new, safe and effective. Except for certain and necessary situations, intravenous glutathione administration occasionally or as a cure does not provide these benefits. Just getting NAC support is not enough. It is necessary to take Glycine along with it. It is a much more logical and scientific method to give your body the necessary materials for glutathione production and let it find the balance on its own.



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