Linden prices remain high – Current News

Linden prices remain high – Current News
Linden prices remain high – Current News

While linden has become more preferred by citizens, especially after the pandemic period, citizens go to herbalists before going to the hospital, especially for epidemic diseases that have increased recently. Linden, which has been carefully collected over the years, carefully selected, laid on a cloth, dried in places out of direct sunlight, and then packaged, continues to be sold in herbalists. While last year the price per kilogram of linden flower was 600 TL, this year it increased to 800 TL.

“Linden is a cold medicine inherited from our ancestors”

Stating that there has been an explosion in linden sales, Metin Karaca said, “Linden has almost become Turkey’s lifeline. When citizens stopped going to pharmacies and buying medicines on their own, there was an explosion in linden sales. Linden has antibiotic properties. In other words, it has a feature that kills bacteria inside. There is no need to explain linden in Turkey anyway. Linden is a cold remedy inherited from our ancestors. When I ask my customers, they say that they do not want to get into the crowd in the pharmacy. Our nation is now conscious. There was also an explosion in our linden sales. It is a saying that if you take medicine, you will get better in 10 days, if you don’t take it, you will get better in a week. It is the same in every disease. Since linden has a side that improves their nervous systems, people relax. In this case, I think it is good for colds. When it returns wholesale, it cannot be sold for less than 500 TL. We buy linden in sacks. It is normal for a herbalist to sell this for 700-800 TL. “There are flowered ones, they can be sold for up to a thousand liras,” he said.


Stating that linden can be sold for up to a thousand TL, Karaca said, “You collect linden from a cool place. It becomes green by playing and mixing it like a child. This linden of mine is green. A true highland linden. Plateau linden is also plentiful on the Artvin side. The linden will be green. If I sell a package for a thousand liras, I can sell its flowers for 1,500 or 2 thousand TL, but this would be cheating. Those who buy linden should check the inside of the package to see if there is a flower there. If only one percent of this linden had a leaf in it, it would be a flower. The flower and the leaf must be equal. “I sell it for 800 TL, but those who sell it for a thousand TL will not be angry,” he said.

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