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These applications on your phone are digging your well! Look through the list and delete them one by one.

These applications on your phone are digging your well! Look through the list and delete them one by one.
These applications on your phone are digging your well! Look through the list and delete them one by one.

If your battery runs out quickly and your phone shuts down suddenly, you may be neglecting the application behind it. It has been said that this number may vary depending on the user category you belong to. So, let’s ask ourselves why do we install these applications on our phones? The answer to this question will tell you directly what concerns your device and you. Most people do not take data security seriously; This trend peaked in 2018. Soon we will be very concerned about our personal data, and more and more people will be concerned about it. However, it is important to remember that malicious mobile applications pose a serious threat to the health of your device.

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Building and publishing apps takes effort. Android and iOS platforms offer different options and applications with different security qualities, but one thing is important: A good developer can manipulate both Apple and Google with malicious intent. So what should we do? We stay away from applications that will damage your device or steal your data. You should read this article carefully to find out what type of apps these are and how they harm your device to avoid problems in the future.

Applications installed to increase RAM performance

Mobile applications run in the background thanks to RAM memory, one of the most important components of your hardware. It also consumes a lot of energy from your mobile device’s battery. Applications that preserve RAM memory, especially through faster and smoother use, can drain your phone’s battery even when the screen is off.

Charging and discharging a battery that runs out in a short time for a long time may shorten its life. This means you’ll spend less time plugging your phone in and not being able to keep it on charge for short periods of time. If you are an Android user, apart from downloading these applications, you can access additional options from the settings section of your phone to balance the RAM usage on your mobile device. In this way, you can solve the problem without needing third-party applications.

Applications downloaded under the name “File Cleanup”

Unfortunately, such neat apps can also put your device at risk. In your eyes, the free storage files on your mobile device will be copied so that the performance of your device will appear to be increased. Applications that claim to provide such services on your phone can literally turn your device into garbage even after they are removed from your device. At the same time, other applications downloaded to your phone’s memory will also try to clean up the garbage left by other applications on your phone.

Everything we’ve said so far seems normal. However, these are still apps that run in the background, which can really slow down your battery performance and sometimes delete important core files that shouldn’t be deleted. Over time, these apps can make your device unstable and mess up your device.

When you buy a new mobile phone, you will notice that some games and applications are included in the device from the very beginning, according to the manufacturer’s protocols. Many applications are provided by manufacturers without your knowledge; for example: B. Hotel search applications, unknown office applications, even social media applications.

These steps may be necessary but are not required by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers allow the removal of pre-installed applications. For this purpose, passivation is one of the most efficient and collective solutions in these applications. Go to Settings and open the apps tab, tap on an app that is unavailable or cannot be uninstalled, Then do the following:

– Disable all permissions in the Permissions section.

– In the storage options, click “Cache” and then “Clear Data”.

– Uncheck the Background data and Unlimited data usage options that appear in the data usage section.

– On the app details screen, select Force Stop and mark the app as disabled.

After these steps, the applications will become inactive and you will be able to remove other options from memory. This allows you to continue using your device safely.

Providing services such as applications that extend battery life

Apps that claim to save your battery are not harmless, just like apps that claim to refresh your RAM or hard drive’s memory cells. This is because the device has limited access to all applications and services running across the operating system. Battery optimization apps are especially useless on devices running Android 7.0 and above. The reason is that these versions are programmed to use the battery in the best possible way.

So what can be done about this? First, go to the Battery (or Power Usage) section of your device settings. Scroll down to see the list of apps that used the most power over the last few hours. In the displayed section, use the Force Stop option to disable applications and stop existing applications. These applications will be re-enabled immediately upon receipt of notification.

Data-intensive social media applications

No matter how high-quality your device is, some applications such as Facebook and Messenger will cause unwanted side effects after a while. Background files pile up GB by GB and start seriously affecting performance. In addition to these applications, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite etc. You can also choose options.

If your application does not have a Lite version, you can use it from your internet browser. If you’re using an app that doesn’t support your browser, you can also clear the host app’s data by following the steps in the Downloaded Apps section of the Clearing Files section.

External file manager app

You may want to quickly access private files on your device. Unfortunately, even if the manufacturer does not offer an external file manager, using a third-party file management app is not the safe option. The reason is that manufacturers generally do not allow access to these files outside of their own applications. To access storage settings, go to Files in your storage list and tap the button labeled Files. This allows you to create new folders and move files between folders.

Software that provides privacy in technology that seems very popular but unreliable

If you do not like browsing using Google Chrome, there are many alternatives other than this browser. However, if you do not want to use your device manufacturer’s browser, these alternatives may be helpful. Many of these alternative browsers offer free VPNs. You can also collect data from every angle of your device.

Most of these browsers allow you to collect all this data for a fee. Instead of using these unsafe browser alternatives, you can also use browsers such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Mint on your device. These browsers offer lightweight versions.

Phone app to improve audio performance and media player

Android’s built-in services may not be sufficient to open some videos and photos stored on your device with different extensions. Also, Google Play Music and other music players cannot give you everything you want. Therefore, users should consider using third-party applications to view files and also open them with additional extensions such as .mkv.

Players such as GOM and VLC have made Android famous worldwide with their applications. Alternatively, you can also use Facebook and Snapchat applications. For example, if your phone isn’t sounding the way you want it to, some app may be causing your phone to not sound the way you want it to. You can improve the sound performance of your device with the help of software, but unfortunately such applications can cause permanent damage to your device.

Photo and video editor

Do not trust application developers whose names you do not know. Instead, check with the creators of these apps to check the authenticity of their galleries. Photo editing apps should be offered by reputable companies. Also, do not download without carefully reading the comments and feedback first. Many popular companies already have great photo editing apps. If you apply filters to your photos, do not share them with people who do not have malware.

All antivirus applications

Antivirus applications sometimes offer advantages to users. As long as you follow the advice in the article mentioned above, you do not need to be afraid of viruses. Under normal usage conditions, it is unlikely that your device will be infected with malware. However, keeping your device updated and running a stable operating system also reduces the risk of virus infection. You can also further reduce the risk by following all other recommendations for safe use. It is safe to install Google Play Store apps because Google cannot access files downloaded from outside the store.

As a result, the contents of many devices were infected with malware. Files downloaded from outside the market should always be checked for viruses on your phone. Also, do not install commercial applications on your mobile phone. Even if you download it, you must make sure that you can transfer the file safely to your phone. It may be difficult to find apps to install right after reading this list, but it’s important to keep your phone safe and working. Additionally, the apps on this list may cause problems on your phone when installed. Therefore, it is best not to install any apps on this list.

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