Physicians call to democracy and science


There are more. Let’s stop here and look at the call of physicians from the place that saw all this.

HOLY stance

This week, the country’s honor associations, TTB Expertise Associations Coordination Board and 28 specialty associations published a historical statement. In the statement, physicians list the conditions of a healthy life: A politics that guides science, freedom of thought, democratic society, and an egalitarian social life, especially in income. It is reminded of the fact that scientific thought and approach, revealed by the COVID-19 epidemic, are as vital as air and water for the future of societies. It is stated that scientific and medical developments are only possible in an environment of freedom. It is emphasized that individual and social health is also bad in totalitarian countries.

Based on these, physicians declare the necessity of their profession: “We, as specialist associations; We declare that we are in favor of freedom, which is a prerequisite for science and medical development, and a well-functioning pluralist democracy.” Referring to the achievements of women scientists and physicians, they object to the deprivation of women’s historical achievements: “We declare that we are a party to gender equality and that we will not allow women to be expelled from the future of science and medicine.”

There’s more. Physicians emphasize that they protect personal and social virtues, equality, freedom and democracy and call everyone to fulfill the requirements of being human. The people of this country cannot be proud of their doctors. Their honorable stance in such an oppressive period is exemplary to the whole world. When we think of our corrupt health system, in which those who buy and market the appointments that cannot be made from public hospitals, are born, the stance of these specialty associations is different. It gives hope for the future of our country.

Now it’s our people’s turn. Let’s not forget, we will vote to leave a livable country to the children, youth, wolf, bird, tree and flower of this country.


While doctors are calling for science and truth, Turkey goes to these elections with montaged videos shown in the squares and fake brochures produced on behalf of the rival political party. Moreover, while the President acknowledges that the videos he shows at his rallies, showing his opponent in the election in connection with terrorism, are montages, he also defines it as “a 5-second video that is the product of the quick wit of our youth”. However, this is not what Turkey needs. We expect young people to use their quick intelligence directly, in favor of science and morality, and to encourage this by the rulers of the country. It is possible; because we have young people who use their minds for goodness, truth and beauty, and we are proud of them.

Our great poet Can Yücel has already written the most important thing when going to the elections:

The more lies we live, the better.

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