What Causes Hidden Sugar, How Does It Happen? What’s Good for Hidden Sugar?

What Causes Hidden Sugar, How Does It Happen? What’s Good for Hidden Sugar?
What Causes Hidden Sugar, How Does It Happen? What’s Good for Hidden Sugar?

What causes hidden sugar, how does it pass?

At this point you What causes hidden sugar, how does it pass? What’s good for hidden sugar? We need to talk about these. If you are curious about the details, you can start reading right away.

What Causes Hidden Sugar? What are the symptoms?

Hidden sugar, also known as prediabetes, can turn into Type 2 diabetes if not intervened. For this reason, it is necessary to start the treatment process as soon as the diagnosis is made. So what causes hidden sugar?

  • Genetic
  • motion life
  • Obesity
  • Excessive fat around the abdomen
  • unhealthy lifestyle

These reasons cause the formation of hidden sugar by damaging the body over time. Accordingly, the symptoms of hidden sugar are as follows:

  • dry mouth
  • Feeling of not being full, constant hunger
  • Defect of vision
  • tingling in hands and feet
  • Inability to heal wounds early
  • New moles appear
  • frequent urine

If you are experiencing most of these symptoms, you should definitely be tested. Do you wonder what the hidden sugar limit is? In a normal person, blood sugar should be below 140 mg/dl at the end of 2 hours. But if your blood glucose values ​​appear between 140 and 199 mg/dl at the end of 2 hours, then you are diagnosed with latent diabetes. If it is above this value, you have diabetes.

How Does Hidden Sugar Pass?

So, if you have been diagnosed with latent diabetes, how can you pass it? What’s good for hidden sugar? Let’s take a look at the answer to this question.

In fact, there is no herbal or natural solution that can be recommended to you at this point. There are some points you should pay attention to. For example, bring sports into your life. Being inactive causes hidden sugar. At the same time, regular and healthy nutrition is extremely important.

Of course, when you are diagnosed with latent diabetes, you must listen to your doctor’s advice. You should use the medicines they give you regularly. In addition;

  • You should start a diet. If you are overweight, your insulin level can be controlled by regular exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Your doctor may give you metformin to balance the insulin hormone. Use this regularly.
  • Give blood tests regularly and have your values ​​measured.
  • Start treatment right away to avoid turning the disease into diabetes.

In fact, the main purpose of treatment is to balance the insulin level, as we mentioned above. If you follow the advice we give you, you will be able to achieve this.

What are the Harms of Hidden Sugar?

In this case, it is very curious what the harm of hidden sugar is. The biggest problem of this disease, which generally does not cause serious harm, is the risk of developing diabetes in the future. Accordingly, the hidden sugar;

  • For eye diseases
  • to organ failure
  • kidney or pancreas problems
  • tachycardia
  • We have to say that it can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

You should not neglect sports, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy and regular diet in your life. If you can keep your insulin at the required value, then you will avoid the risk of diabetes. In addition, be sure to listen to your doctor’s recommendations for you. Do not use drugs or interrupt your treatment without their knowledge. If you are overweight, your first goal should be to lose weight. You should reduce the regional lubrication in your body so that your values ​​can return to normal. If you pay attention to what we have told you, you will not have a situation to worry about in the future.

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