It’s like the Elixir of Youth Collagen Depot! Consuming One Cup a Day Instantly Eliminates Viruses

It’s like a youth elixir collagen store!

Bone broth, which triggers the formation of collagen in the body, is composed of bones and connective tissue. calcium, magnesium, collagen, phosphorus, amino acids, chondroitin, glucosamine and many more vitamins. Marrow bone broth, which is often recommended by experts to be consumed especially against coronavirus, acts as a shield against viruses. Bone broth, which is put into meals and especially soups, helps to prevent the aging of the brain if consumed regularly. You can add marrow bone broth to your menu to prevent viruses, strengthen immunity and strengthen memory, especially with the winter months and children starting school life.

*However, you should make sure that you do not have any allergies to marrow bone broth! Consult your doctor before consuming!


Collagen in bone broth is very effective in increasing the elasticity of the skin. Collagen, on the other hand, nourishes the skin and provides anti-aging effects thanks to the values ​​it contains. As we age, the body begins to produce less collagen.

The most effective ingredient in keeping the skin young is collagen. However, taking the collagen from the inside is the most accurate method. In other words, the correct and regular consumption of food sources rich in collagen ensures the intake of collagen from the inside. Bone broth contains substances such as collagen, glutamine, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, amino acids, chondroitin, glucosamine and proline. These substances are also present in the human body, but they decrease over time and can cause serious health problems. Bone broth should be consumed regularly to prevent the decrease of collagen rate in the body. Regular consumption of bone broth balances the collagen rate.

Deficiency of collagen, glutamine and proline substances causes some diseases in the body. Some diseases, drugs and foods increase the rate of harmful toxins in the nervous system, causing many diseases to occur. However, thanks to the minerals it contains, bone broth reduces the risk of this situation.


Bone broth is also very important for bone health because it contains components such as calcium and phosphorus in abundance. In addition to the flu and bronchitis, the immune system must be kept strong to protect against epidemics.

Bone broth fights flu and various infectious diseases, keeps the body vigorous. Thanks to the minerals it contains, it helps to strengthen the immune system. Harvard UniversityAccording to a study conducted in People with autoimmune conditions who drink bone broth have reduced symptoms towards. In other words, it is not for nothing that we think of soup from bone broth when we are sick, because it contributes greatly to the healing of diseases. If 1 glass of bone broth is consumed every day, you will feel the vigor in your body.

  • In addition to these brain developmentNor is it very beneficial.
  • Bone broth with antioxidant properties, insomnia and tiredness reduces the risk of developing diseases such as
  • Experts state that bone broth is one of the foods that should be consumed by children in developmental age, pregnant women and patients with broken bones.
  • A glass of bone broth can be drunk a day to prevent bone diseases that are frequently seen in advanced ages.


Collagen, one of the most important components of skin health, prevents aging and appears as an elixir of youth. In order to keep the skin young, the effect of external interventions can only be increased by giving support from the inside. Bone broth is known as the most natural and healthy collagen store.

  • Collagen and gelatin in bone broth helps to repair hair and skin structure. It tightens the skin and even reduces the formation of cellulite. Due to these features, it contributes to looking younger. well ‘potion of youth’ can also be considered.
  • Bone broth, which is also rich in amino acids, protects the skin tissue and prevents aging and stain formation. It reduces the deformation in the dermis layer under the skin.
  • It is among the foods that athletes should consume as it strengthens the muscle structure.
  • By supporting the good functioning of the intestines and stomach; It prevents health problems such as indigestion, bloating and constipation.
  • Bone broth is cooked on low heat for a long time to release collagen, glutamine, proline, glycine and amino acids. The body can easily absorb bone broth, which is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur.


The collagen and gelatin it contains protects the skin against wrinkles. Collagen is also good for cellulite problem. It is said to reduce cellulite, although not completely.


The gelatin in bone broth strengthens and protects the intestinal wall. In this way, the immune system is also strengthened. Otherwise, undigested foods and toxic substances are mixed into the blood. As a result, the immune system deteriorates and can cause certain chronic fatigue, thyroid and eczema diseases in the body.


In addition, cartilage found in bone broth contains glucosamine and chondroitin. Many studies have stated that chondroitin and glucosamine reduce joint pain and reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, that is, deterioration of joint cartilage. Those who suffer from joint pain can recover thanks to the benefits of bone broth.


The gelation of marrow bone broth indicates the quality of the product. Good bone broth has a gelatinous appearance and is not thin and liquid. The bone broth should become liquid when heated. Gelation is an indication of higher nutritional values. The ideal form of bone broth, which has a high nutritional value and is a collagen store, is jelly-like. The gelatin in bone broth heals leaky gut. It contributes to the mucous membrane of the digestive system and helps to digest food.


Boiling bone broth takes a long process. It is recommended to boil the bone for 6 to 18 hours with very little meat and ligaments. The reason why it is cooked for such a long time is to ensure that all the nutrients in the bone are mixed with the water, the collagen is separated and the bone can be taken completely.


The production phase of marrow bone broth is very important. It is of great importance that the bone is boiled in a low paper clip in order to expose the substances in it. Here is the step-by-step process of making marrow bone broth as follows;

  • Be as sure as possible where the bone came from. The most important thing is the naturalness of the bone.
  • Lamb is preferred because it is less toxic than beef. Beef has more marrow and collagen.
  • Soak the bones in the refrigerator for 1 night in salted water. Then discard this water. You get rid of the blood.
  • Just enough water to cover the bones. It’s like 1.5 liters of water per 1 kg of bone.
  • Bones should be cooked for 12-24 hours in a covered pot. If the lid of the pot is open, evaporation is excessive.
  • It will not boil, it will cook by bubbling slightly at very low heat.
  • At first, there are foams on it, take these foams with a spoon and throw them away.
  • While cooking, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar so that the minerals in the bone pass into the water.
  • Add vegetables and spices in the last 3-4 hours. (Celery stalk, carrot, parsley stalk, onion, garlic, black peppercorns, bay leaves, fresh thyme…)
  • Strain for a long time when you take it from the stove. Let it sit in the fridge for 12 hours and remove the layer of oil on it (because toxins accumulate there). If you are sure that the animal is fed in healthy conditions, you can keep some of the fat.
  • It can be stored in the freezer for 3 months. Put in small containers and take out as much as you will consume.
  • It is important to drink it on an empty stomach.
  • Collagen increases when consumed with vitamin C and garlic. It may be a good idea to squeeze lemon into it while consuming.
  • If you are going to add it to the food, put it last when the temperature of the food drops.
  • It’s not very innocent, it can cause trouble if some of your enzymes are missing.
  • It can increase the secretion of histamine, which can manifest itself as allergy or anxiety. The way to prevent this is to consume plenty of vitamin C.
  • If the animal is toxic, you get those toxins at a high rate.
  • As it boils for a long time, the collagen increases, but whatever is wrong with the animal, it also passes into the water. For this reason, there are also those who say that it should boil for a maximum of 6 hours.
  • It is not as difficult as it seems to do. We do not wait at the beginning of the pot for 12 hours.

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