Ibn-i Sina’s recipe: How to cure dried figs and olive oil? Benefits of dried figs and olive oil mix

Ibn-i Sina’s recipe: How to cure dried figs and olive oil? Benefits of dried figs and olive oil mix
Ibn-i Sina’s recipe: How to cure dried figs and olive oil? Benefits of dried figs and olive oil mix

The miraculous mixture recipe for humanity from Ibn-i Sina will be good for your important health problems. Let’s take a look at how this mixture is prepared, which plays an important role in the treatment of many health problems.

Ibn Sina’s recipe


  • 250 grams of dried figs
  • 1 liter of olive oil

How to make Dried Fig and Olive Oil Cure?

Firstly, wash the figs, drain them and cut them into cubes. Put the figs in a jar with olive oil and close it. Keep this jar in a dark place for 5 days and at the end of this period, consume it twice a day, morning and evening.

So, what does the fig mixture do? If you have respiratory diseases such as asthma, you will be able to solve your problem with a mixture of figs.

The most important effect of the fig mixture suggested by Ibn Sina is to prevent cancer. You can benefit from its effects by consuming the fig mixture, which prevents cancer formation, on a regular basis.

It neutralizes harmful substances in the body!
When consumed in moderation, the health benefits of figs do not end with counting. Here is Dr. What you need to know about figs with the benefits and harms of Muammer Yıldız…

Nowadays, it is possible to reach every fruit and vegetable on the counters at any time. However, what is healthy is to consume every fruit and vegetable in its own season; Of course, pay attention to the size. Here is the perfect time to pluck the fig from the branch and eat it, one of the delicious fruits of autumn, which we ate dried in winter!

This natural flavor, which starts to be harvested in June according to its region and type, is having its last brews in October.



Today, due to intense hustle and bustle, unhealthy eating habits and low fiber consumption pave the way for constipation. While a person should take 25-30 grams of fiber daily, figs increase intestinal motility thanks to their fiber content. There is about 1 gram of fiber in 1 medium fig. Drinking 1-2 glasses of water with figs helps to increase intestinal motility even more.


While the immune system weakens, especially with the transition from summer to autumn, consumption of figs strengthens the body’s resistance with its strong antioxidant properties. The antioxidant capacity of figs, which are also rich in many vitamins such as A, E and K, are much higher especially in dark colored ones.


2 medium figs contain as much calcium as 1 glass of milk. Thanks to its calcium and magnesium content, it nourishes the bones. Especially in dark colored figs, the calcium content is higher.


Scientific studies have shown that high fiber consumption with fruit content in the postmenopausal period has a lower risk of breast cancer in women. You can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by using 1 serving of fruit per day for 1 fig. Fig also provides a protective and preventive effect against cancer thanks to the benzaldehyde it contains.


Fig is a fruit rich in potassium, which helps to balance blood pressure. Daily sodium consumption increases and potassium deficiency is observed in people with high cardiac risk, who cannot consume fruits and vegetables regularly, and who consume processed food and meat. If you do not have diabetes, consuming 1 fig a day regularly will help protect your heart by balancing your blood pressure.

On the other hand, dried figs, which are extremely rich in antioxidants that prevent the destruction of cells by neutralizing harmful substances formed as a result of chemical reactions in the body or taken from outside, also play a very important role in lowering cholesterol that cannot be produced in the body and especially in terms of the healthy functioning of the heart, brain and nervous system. It has been stated that it contains fatty acids called omega-3 and omega-6, which have


It was stated that fig, which eliminates physical and mental strain, provides energy and strength to the body, and has therapeutic properties in cases such as asthma, cough and cold. It has also been announced that the fig, which relieves constipation, is beneficial for removing toxins from the intestines and reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

HOW MUCH TO CONSUME? How many days is the olive oil fig cure used?

Diabetic patients should definitely not prefer fresh or dried figs because of the high sugar content and the sudden sugar in the blood. If they are to be consumed, they should not eat more than 1 fig. Healthy people should not lose control of their portion. Instead of 1 portion of fruit, 2 medium figs can be preferred. However, if you are deceived by its freshness and consume large amounts, you have taken a very high amount of sugar. While this causes you to get hungry more quickly until the next meal, 100 grams of figs (about 2 small figs) contain 80 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrates, so excessive consumption can lead to diabetes.

For asthma and cough patients, it is recommended to consume two dried figs soaked in pure and natural olive oil for a while before breakfast. If this cure is continued for at least six months and applied without interruption, it is a great treatment method for cough and asthma problems.

How to make a fig cure from İbrahim Saracoğlu?

Add eight to nine dried figs to half a liter of non-chlorinated boiling water and boil for seven minutes with the lid closed. After seven minutes, wait for it to cool down. After cooling, it is filtered. Divide into three or two and drink on an empty stomach ten to fifteen minutes before meals.

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