2. The Queen of Denmark, who attended the funeral of Elizabeth, caught Covid-19

Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, who attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, caught the coronavirus.


Queen of Denmark 2. Margrethe, who attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England on September 19, was diagnosed with a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19).

According to the news published in Independent, the Covid-19 test of 82-year-old Queen Margrethe, who attended the funeral of Elizabeth II in London, was positive.

The 2nd Margrethe, who has been in office for nearly half a century, canceled her one-week appointments.

Margrethe caught Covid-19 in February and survived the disease with mild symptoms.

With the death of 2.Elizabeth, the title of the longest-reigning person in Europe passed to the Danish Queen Margrethe II.


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