He was thought to have had a heart attack It turned out that he had ‘broken heart syndrome’

Fatma Kırçe, 52, who lives in Istanbul, woke up one night last August with excruciating chest pain. He went to the emergency room when he couldn’t feel his arm due to the pain that went down to his back and left arm elbow area.

An EKG was taken to Kırçe and her blood enzymes were checked. The results showed that he was having a heart attack. Doctors began to search for a more comprehensive hospital with intensive care and transferred Kırçe by ambulance to another hospital.

In the examinations made here, it was said that he might be having a heart attack and that he needed to have an angiogram. Kırçe, Dean of Bezmialem Faculty of Medicine and Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. He went to Ramazan Özdemir. prof. Dr. Although Özdemir thought it was a heart attack at first, the truth was understood after the medicated echo shot.


Explaining that the patient came to them with complaints of shortness of breath, chest pain and weakness, Prof. Dr. Özdemir said, “He went to another hospital before. The analyzes were done, and as a result of those tests, they said that he had a heart attack and they wanted to have an angioedema immediately. When our patient did not accept, he came to us a day later. His tests showed that he was having a heart attack. In the angiography we performed, the heart vessels were completely normal. When we looked at his ECHO, when we looked at the structure of the heart, there was a ballooning at the tip of the heart. This is a syndrome we call ‘Takotsubo’. The veins are usually normal and it is a great sadness, It occurs as a result of extremely intense emotional situations such as stress. It is a condition that temporarily breaks the heart. It is also known as broken heart syndrome among the people. In extreme sad situations, the hormone we call adrenaline is secreted too much. In cases such as extreme sadness, extreme joy, everyone’s response to those hormones is different. In some patients, the heart may overreact because there is too much stress. . Medicines similar to those used in the treatment of heart attack or heart failure are used in this. But after a while, the disease goes away on its own. Sometimes it can take several months. But it usually returns to normal. In a heart attack, there is 100 percent blockage in the arteries and death occurs in one part of the heart. So the tissue of the heart is damaged. There’s no going back either. But since the vessels are normal in this disease, the tissue of the heart returns to normal completely. So heart failure does not develop.”


Fatma Kırçe, who went back to the hospital a month later for her checkups and learned that she had no problems, said, “I felt a pain on the left side of my chest. It was a bad pain. I have never experienced anything like that before. The pain spread down around my chest and spread to my back, left arm, elbow. I couldn’t feel my arm. They took me to the hospital. Doctors said you might have a heart attack. Then they hooked me up to the machine. Meanwhile, they started looking for an empty hospital with suitable intensive care. I was put in an ambulance accompanied by a machine. I was transferred to another big hospital. Heart attack My doctors said that I had a heart attack, that I was in danger and that an angiography was needed immediately and that a stent would be inserted. I didn’t want it at that moment, I signed off and came to Mr. Ramazan the next day. A different diagnosis was made. I did not have a heart attack, my heart was fine and bubbles formed around the heart. He told me that I had these because of the stress. told. Before that, I had already lost my mother. I have also experienced various events in my family. Ramazan Hodja encouraged me about angio. I was actually afraid. He said that my veins were open at the angiogram and he was fine. I have never heard of such a disease before. But mine was really stress related. “My heart is really broken because of the sadness and the traumas I’ve been through,” he said.

It was thought that he had a heart attack It turned out that he had 'broken heart syndrome' - 3
Fatma Kirce


Broken heart syndrome, which has been heard frequently in recent years, is a response given by the body to intense stress. This disease, which manifests itself with findings similar to a heart attack, was discovered by Hiraru Sato in 1990 and named it Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. This name comes from the fact that the left part of the heart resembles the octopus fishing vessel used by Japanese fishermen at the time of the development of the syndrome. Broken heart syndrome is also called stress cardiomyopathy and apical balloon syndrome. The disease develops just like a heart attack and the patient feels as if he is having an attack. Meanwhile, the parameters of the patient’s ECG measurements and blood values ​​are similar to the findings of a heart attack. This disease, which is more likely to be seen in individuals under extreme stress, can have serious consequences that can go up to cardiac arrest.

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