The Ministry of Justice requested a red notice be issued against me.

The Ministry of Justice requested a red notice be issued against me.
The Ministry of Justice requested a red notice be issued against me.

WALL – The 11th hearing of the case filed against artist Ferhat Tunç for allegedly “insulting” the then Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım was held at the Büyükçekmece 16th Criminal Court of First Instance. Tunç’s lawyer Fatma Hopikoğlu was present at the hearing. Hopikoğlu requested his client’s acquittal.

The court panel stated that the Ministry of Justice requested that a ‘red notice’ be issued for Tunç to be caught. The court stated that it did not accept the request and would not make any changes to the arrest warrant.

The hearing was postponed to December 20, 2023.


Artist Ferhat Tunç also shared a post on his social media account and announced that a red notice was requested for him.

Tunç used the following statements in his post on his social media account:

“Honestly, I am very surprised! The Ministry of Justice has requested a red notice against me. I have been following the cases filed against me, which caused me to leave the country, through my lawyer Fatma Hopikoğlu. We have requested to take my statement every time in Germany, where I reside. Germany has requested that the Turkish judiciary’s statement be taken in all cases. He rejected the request to be taken into custody every time, stating that the allegations against me were within the scope of freedom of thought and expression. In the ‘red notice’ request of the Ministry of Justice, it was stated that ‘I continue my activities abroad.’ It is true, while producing new works, I also give concerts in many countries, especially in Germany. My only activity is my music, which allows me to breathe under the conditions of exile. Apparently, the works I do here and my concert activities are considered a threat to Turkey! I have also remembered that they have spoiled my last work called “The Marauder”. There is nothing I can do about it. Interpol’s I believe that Turkey will not accept this request and will turn it down. Even if I am in exile, I will not allow my freedom of travel and my artistic activities to be hindered by such arbitrary impositions. Of course, I will have legal objections to reject the request. I invite the Turkish Ministry of Justice to be more careful on these issues. It’s a shame, it’s a sin! Lessons should be learned from previous years; These moves will remain a black mark in the history of the country!

What happened?

Tunç, who was a parliamentary candidate from HDP in the elections held on June 24, 2018, but could not be elected, announced that he went abroad in 2019.

Tunç announced his decision with the following statements:

“They were not satisfied with the 2-year prison sentence against me; they opened many new investigations and lawsuits with allegations of ‘terrorist propaganda’ and ‘membership of a terrorist organisation’, as if the button had been pushed. Moreover, they targeted me.

Today, I embarked on a difficult journey with my identity, my personality, my companionship and my voice; Leaving behind a life that I scraped with my nails and a wounded, tired country. “I will continue to think, talk and produce abroad for a while.” (CULTURE AND ART SERVICE)

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