Men become fathers at the age of 79… When I got pregnant at the age of 55, everyone pointed their fingers at me.

Men become fathers at the age of 79… When I got pregnant at the age of 55, everyone pointed their fingers at me.
Men become fathers at the age of 79… When I got pregnant at the age of 55, everyone pointed their fingers at me.

But in the same situation, when a woman becomes a celebrity, she attracts more attention than that. This situation is sometimes even subject to heavy criticism. One of the celebrities who has been bombarded with such criticism is Brigitte Nielsen.

Danish model and actress Nielsen, who was once talked about for her marriage to Sylvester Stallone, is now 60 years old.

Nielsen, who gave birth to her youngest baby five years ago, at the age of 55, said that she was criticized for this.

Moreover, according to what he said, this is not the only issue for which he was criticized. Nielsen’s husband is also 15 years younger than her. This situation, in his words, caused the world to point fingers at him.

By the way, let us remind you that Brigitte Nielsen and her husband Mattia Dessi received in vitro fertilization treatment for 13 years. Finally, 5 years ago, the couple had a baby girl.

Many people, including her four adult sons from previous marriages and relationships, did not approve of her pregnancy at an advanced age.

According to Nielsen, when they got married, the age difference between her and her husband caused them to be talked about in this way again. At that time, Nielsen was 41 years old and her Italian wife, a model, was 25 years old.

Nielsen said: “People have said to me, ‘This is so funny… Who does this woman think she is?'” A good marriage, making it exciting, is about accepting and respecting each other. You shouldn’t try to change the person you love. Let them stay the way they are. You must allow it.

Nielsen added that those who laugh at them because of their age difference have already divorced, but she and her husband are still together.

Brigitte Nielsen, who got pregnant with her youngest daughter at the age of 55, said that her pregnancy went very smoothly, although in vitro fertilization treatment took 13 years. “Doctors warned me to be careful. You were given a 50 percent chance of getting pregnant. It finally happened and it was really great,” she said.

Brigitte Nielsen also knew that since she got pregnant at the age of 55, she was at higher risk than those who got pregnant at a young age. But it was still easy after getting pregnant. She explained this situation with the following words: “Maybe it’s because I’ve been pregnant four times before.”

Brigitte Nielsen explained that the birth of her daughter, Frida, was also very easy.

Speaking to People magazine, Brigitte Nielsen also talked about the criticism directed at her for becoming a mother at an advanced age. “We don’t say anything to men who have children in their 60s, 70s, or even 80s. Look at Robert De Niro, he is 79 years old and has a 7-month-old baby,” the star said.

Nielsen added that she is a better mother for having a baby at an older age. “When I was a younger mother, I was always trying to be alone. Whether on a plane or on a movie set. But now Frida comes first.”

Brigitte Nielsen also added that, surprisingly, being a mother at an older age was less tiring for her.

Brigitte Nielsen has a 39-year-old son named Julian from her first marriage, Kasper Winding.

She has another son, 33-year-old Killian, from Mark Gastineau.

Brigitte Nielsen has two more sons, 30-year-old Aaron and 28-year-old Raoul Jr., from her marriage with her ex-husband Raoul Meyer.

Brigitte Nielsen was first married to Kasper Winding between 1983 and 1984. She was subsequently married to Sylvester Stallone between 1987 and 1987. She was married to Sebastian Copeland between 1990 and 1992. Nielsen, whose fourth marriage was with Raoul Meyer, lasted between 1993 and 2005, and her fifth marriage, with Mattia Dessi.

According to Nielsen, the 15-year age difference between them and Mattia Dessi was also criticized by many people.

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