This time Biden confused Taylor Swift and Britney Spears

This time Biden confused Taylor Swift and Britney Spears
This time Biden confused Taylor Swift and Britney Spears

US President Biden, who has been on the agenda lately for his slips of the tongue, not being able to find his way and falling down the stairs, confused world-famous pop stars Taylor Swift and Britney Spears yesterday.

Speaking at the ceremony to spare the lives of turkeys named Liberty and Bell, Biden referred to Taylor Swift, who was in Brazil as part of her concert tour, as “Britney”.

Taylor Swift, one of the most popular stars of the music world recently, made history in the USA with the awards she received throughout her music career.

World-famous singer Britney Spears, 41, reached the peak of her career between 2014 and 2015. He draws attention with his recently published memoir. Spears’ book sold one million copies in the first week, reaching the top of the bestseller list.

In Spears’ memoir published on October 24; Curious topics such as love affairs, mental health problems and guardianship cases are also included.

If Biden, who constantly speaks incorrectly and is elected for a second term in next year’s elections, leaves office on January 20, 2029, he will be 86 years old.

Former US President Donald Trump, who is one of the Republican candidates to challenge Biden in the 2024 elections, is now 77 years old.

On the other hand, voters in a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in mid-September expressed concerns about Biden’s age and fitness for office.

While 77 percent of those surveyed, including 65 percent of Democrats, said Biden was too old to be president, only 39 percent reported that Biden was mentally sharp enough for the presidency.

By contrast, 56 percent of those surveyed said Trump was too old for the office, while 44 percent said he was mentally sharp enough to handle the challenges of the presidency.

Release date: 00:24, 21 November 2023

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