I wish I could be a shield for children | Culture and Arts News

I wish I could be a shield for children | Culture and Arts News
I wish I could be a shield for children | Culture and Arts News

Your post by quoting a verse from the Holy Quran in English attracted a lot of attention. How did you decide to shoot this video and what was your message?

There was a terrible bombardment in Gaza that day and many children died. I couldn’t sleep until the morning. I wanted to give a message, it was a message in which I addressed the darkness completely: It was a message in which I said, “Your mask has fallen and nothing will ever be the same again.” Because I love the Quran very much and read it a lot, I know that everything we experience today is written there. When you look at the verses, there is an answer to everything in each of them. Maybe it was so effective because I started my speech with that verse. Because Allah is the owner of the word, we just share it.


Then, your posts continued in this vein. How do people react in general?

When you express a sincere feeling, people who feel the same way as you express their feelings to the world, thanks to you. They were very happy that their voices could reach further. But unfortunately, peer pressure can occur on every side. I don’t like it because it prevents people from communicating with each other. However, when we talk, dialogue, and exchange ideas without fighting, this improves all of us. But I am very happy to be able to convey myself to people as I am. Because being understood is a very nice thing, I have always wanted this in my life. When you speak with your heart, people listen to you with their hearts. That’s why they can distinguish sincerity.


We see that Western artists are more active in the Israeli issue. The majority of artists in our country are silent. Have you ever thought about how we can activate it?

We cannot force anyone to do anything. Everyone may have their own reservations. But here, as in every event, we need to leave some things to God. Because if you are aware, there is a very nice separation when humanity goes through such difficult processes. Maybe everyone is discovering aspects of each other that they haven’t seen before. That’s why every crisis is an opportunity. Of course, there are those who have different reasons, but we cannot call everyone bad at once.


What does your wife say about your posts? Is she worried?

My wife supports me one hundred percent, we take a common stance on every issue. However, we experienced something like this; In a video I shot in the early days, I addressed our President and said, “Please send me to Gaza, so that I can broadcast live there and be a shield for the children.” I hoped that this would turn into a social media movement and people would join my call. But it never happened like that. This was already a naive thought, it was not possible to enter Gaza. While I was sharing this post, my wife’s blood pressure increased. He had to take a blood pressure medication that day.

Lately, you have been sending out your messages by trying to mislead Instagram’s algorithm. What is your reason for doing this?

At some point, I started having problems while sharing. I was either receiving spam or getting stuck in Instagram’s censorship mechanism. When you use certain words, the algorithm blocks it. I think the same thing goes for images. That’s why I post something that Instagram will like and then give the message I want to give. I discovered such a way. It’s going well for now. My account has not been suspended yet.

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