Johnny Depp came to Istanbul with his staff

Johnny Depp came to Istanbul with his staff
Johnny Depp came to Istanbul with his staff

Hollywood star Johnny Depp came to Istanbul for a concert by the rock band Hollywood Vampires, of which he is a member. The famous actor, who turned 60 today, thanked the members of the press in Turkish. As part of the “Hollywood Vampires Live Tour”, the group will meet their fans on the LifePark Istanbul stage and donate the concert income to earthquake victims.

The Hollywood Vampires group, including Johnny Depp, arrived in Istanbul at around 16.00 on a private plane from the capital Bucharest, after the concert they gave yesterday in Romania as part of their world tour.

Thank you in Turkish

Depp, who injured his ankle before going on a world tour, walked out of Istanbul Airport General Aviation Terminal on crutches. Depp greeted the press members who followed him by waving. Famous actor celebrating his 60th birthday today; congratulating the journalists’ birthday, “Would you like to say something?” He answered the question in the form of thanks in Turkish.

Concert income to earthquake victims

Depp, who came out of the terminal under the protection of private security guards, got into the vehicle waiting for him and left the airport.

The Hollywood star had recently suffered an ankle injury and canceled three concerts in the US. Rock band Hollywood Vampires announced that they would donate all the proceeds of the Istanbul concert to earthquake victims.

The article is in Turkish

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