News that excites fans! 40-year-old Son Ye Jin’s baby gender revealed

News that excites fans! 40-year-old Son Ye Jin’s baby gender revealed
News that excites fans! 40-year-old Son Ye Jin’s baby gender revealed

Son Ye Jin, who married her fellow actress Hyun Bin in the past months, announced the news on social media that both made her fans cry and excited. There has been a new development regarding the pregnancy of the 40-year-old beautiful actress. The baby’s gender has been revealed.

Son Ye Jin, 40, co-starred with Hyun Bin in the drama Chrash Landing On You. It was learned that they were together in a surprise way after the double series, which played in a season series between 2019-2020. Shortly after, the couple got married.

hyun bin and son yejin

The couple, who had a million-dollar wedding, lead a life away from the tabloid agenda. Famous names working for the company in South Korea cannot share on their social media accounts without the permission of their producers.

hyun bin and son yejin

However, for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, who have a serious fan base, the production company had posted on social media for the couple’s wedding. After the glorious wedding, Son Ye Jin announced to her fans that she was pregnant with these words. It turned out that the sex of the couple’s babies was male. It was stated that their families and relatives were very happy with this news of the couple, who stayed away from the magazine press.

son ye jin

“Isn’t everyone okay?

I’m fine^^

Today I want to carefully share joyful news~

A new life has come to us…

I’m still a little dazed but every day I feel the changes in my body with excitement and anxiety~

I feel cautious, however grateful, so I haven’t even been able to tell anyone around me yet.

Before it’s too late, I’m sharing this news with my fans and relatives who are waiting as much as we are.

We will make sure to protect this precious life that comes to us~

I hope you all protect the precious things in your life and live in good health.

Be happy.”

Son Ye Jin shared the news that fans have been looking forward to on his personal account.

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