FED Minutes Announced Today: How Will It Affect Bitcoin Price?

FED Minutes Announced Today: How Will It Affect Bitcoin Price?
FED Minutes Announced Today: How Will It Affect Bitcoin Price?

It is not thought that the US Federal Reserve (FED) minutes to be announced today will have an impact on Bitcoin.

FED minutes today at 08:00 UTC at 22.00 will be announced. Minutes provide information about the direction of US monetary policy and its possible impact on markets. in Bitcoin One create an impact not expected.

As a result of the meeting held on November 1, the FED increased interest rates. 5.25% to 5.5% It remained constant within the range. After the meetings, FED President Jerome Powell said that the decline in the labor market and consumer spending power could lead to further monetary tighteningHe implied.

A similar statement is expected to be made today. Announced in the past US Unemployment, Non-Farm Employment data and inflation rates It increased expectations for interest rate cuts.

Analysts of the Netherlands-based giant bank ING say that, considering the latest data, the minutes will have little impact on the market told.

Some analysts, including Citi, one of the world’s largest banks, will announce today The central bank will add harsher articles to the FED minutes he thinks.

Analysts also believe that the minutes were determined after the meeting and were used to reduce inflation. The market should remain tight He thinks the result will come. It is estimated that this situation will cause a limited reaction from the market.

Therefore, if the US Stock Exchanges and the general market react poorly, Bitcoin’s reaction will also be limited It is foreseen.

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