It dropped from 40 lira to 8 lira! It remained on the tree when the farmer did not collect it.


Carob, which provides healing during the winter months, is known for its expectorant properties. Carob, which is used in the treatment of cough, also cleans the lungs and tries to reduce the damage caused by smoking. Especially There was disappointment this year in the harvest of carob, which is consumed by making molasses.

Produced in Gazipaşa district of Antalya and Carob, which was sold for 40 liras per kilogram last year, experienced an 80 percent decrease in price, falling to 8 liras due to the high production. When the early harvest of the producers, who were afraid of thieves, was added to this, the purchasing companies incurred losses. The carob remained on the tree.


Osman Yalçın, who is engaged in the purchase of carob, said that the product remained in their hands and made the following statements:

“I do business in Gazipaşa. I buy carob and have been doing this business for 20 years. But unfortunately The carob, which was golden last year, became scrap this year and has no value anymore. Carob, which was up to 40 TL last year, is 8 TL this year. We didn’t know what happened either. We are left with the carob products in Turkey.

“Both the farmer and the buyer are in a difficult situation”

Currently, there are 3-4 thousand tons of carob in Gazipaşa, but our producers do not sell it and we cannot buy it. The only reason is the prices. Carob, which costs 8 TL, cannot be bought or sold this year. Our farmers do not sell their products either. Because it doesn’t cover their daily wages. Not only are they not collected, but we still have the collected products. Farmers and buyers are in a difficult situation. Since carob was 40 TL in Gazipaşa last year, thieves increased in the market. Citizens also started collecting products early to take them from the hands of thieves. They collected it when it was green and unripe. As such, companies incurred losses. They stopped purchasing carob this year because they made a loss. As a result, the market collapsed and carob dreams were dashed.”


Yalçın stated that carob, which has many benefits, was not valued this year; “Carob can be sold not only as seeds but also as snacks. It is made into molasses, which is of great importance in terms of healing. They also make flour. It is exported abroad as beans, but the price of beans per kilo, which was 28 Euros last year, is 2 Euros this year. That’s why carob has become worthless.” Said.

It dropped from 40 lira to 8 lira! It remained on the tree when the farmer did not collect it.


Workers working in the carob business say: “I have been working in the carob business for years. We select the best carobs. But this year it didn’t make any money. There is an extreme decrease compared to last year and it does not even cover the wages of the workers. “The buying and selling of carob has come to a halt.” He expressed his reaction by saying.

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