The price decrease in second-hand cars has begun to be felt in the market

The price decrease in second-hand cars has begun to be felt in the market
The price decrease in second-hand cars has begun to be felt in the market

The automotive industry is one of the sectors that got into trouble and whose supply chain was broken due to the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

When the exchange rate increases in Turkey were added to the global chip crisis, vehicle supply became difficult and prices reached astronomical levels.

The increase in new vehicle prices also affected the second-hand market. So much so that the prices have surpassed even the prices of new vehicles.

In addition to economic variables, opportunists in the market also had a significant impact on this exorbitant increase.

They increased the prices by buying and selling

Second-hand dealers, who buy and sell for short periods of time, like a gallery, without a tax sign, have made the prices go up and down.

When prices became uncontrollable, the government took action.

With the regulations implemented, it was prohibited to sell new vehicles before 6 thousand kilometers or 6 months after purchase.

In addition, second-hand vehicles are prohibited from being advertised above the manufacturer’s recommended sales price until January 1, 2024.

The measures taken reduced prices

Following these steps, prices, which had been inflated due to stockpiling and buy-sell opportunism, began to fall.

According to preliminary data, price decreases reached up to 10 percent.

While 50 thousand TL withdrawals were seen in the prices in the advertisements, a bargaining message appeared on social media.

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Response to discount request within 15 days

In the trending image, while the seller initially responds negatively to the buyer’s discount request on an online advertising site, he responds approximately 15 days later and offers to renegotiate the discount offer.

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