There Are Institutional Entry into 3 Altcoins as Cryptocurrency Funds Escape from Bitcoin Continues!


While Bitcoin (BTC) achieved a 7% increase last week, the outflow in institutional cryptocurrency funds extended to the 5th week.

In the data shared by Coinshares on its official blog page, the outflow of institutional cryptocurrency funds is one after another. next week 5 He stated that he reached The net outflow in institutional cryptocurrency funds this week $53.5 million It was recorded as . Leading in net outflows $45.3 million with amount Bitcoin (BTC) pulled.

Just after Bitcoin in terms of net fund outflow with $4.8 million Ethereum (ETH) came. Moreover short Bitcoin from the fund $3.8 million‘s exit took place.

Fund entry to 3 altcoins

While almost all listed assets saw fund outflows last week Solana (SOL), Ripple (XRP) And On Cardano (ADA) The inflow of funds attracted attention. The amount of funds entering these three assets last week was respectively 700 thousand dollars, 100 thousand dollars And 400 thousand dollars happened.

End 8 out of 9 weeks While it was emphasized that there was an outflow in corporate cryptocurrency funds, the total amount of outflow in the relevant period was net 455 million dollars It was recorded that.

On the other hand, country-based exits USA was at the top of the list. USA, $41.1 million when signing out $5.9 million with exit Germany comes second settled. In response to the outbursts in the USA and Germany from Switzerland to cryptocurrencies $1.1 million fund entry was seen. Volumes compared to the previous week up 42% $1 billion reached the level.

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