Ziraat Bank will support the newly weds: Interest-free loans have started!

Ziraat Bank will support the newly weds: Interest-free loans have started!
Ziraat Bank will support the newly weds: Interest-free loans have started!

As you step into the most special day of your life, it is important to remember that financial issues must also be taken into account. We realize that expenses can be a huge burden when preparing for marriage. Fortunately, thanks to the interest-free consumer loans offered by Ziraat Bank to newly married couples, you can enjoy this special period by being financially supported.

Ziraat Bank organized a special campaign to cover pre-marital expenses. Within the framework of this campaign, interest-free consumer loans are offered to newly married couples. Thanks to the interest-free loan advantage, you can easily make your marriage preparations and fully experience this special period without worrying about repayment.

In order to benefit from Ziraat Bank’s interest-free consumer loan campaign, you have to meet certain conditions. In order to apply for the campaign, you must be a Ziraat Bank customer. If you are not yet a Ziraat Bank customer, you can easily become a customer by applying to the bank. In addition, couples who will apply for a loan must apply to the bank at least 3 months before the date of marriage. In this process, if your application is approved as a result of the examinations and evaluations to be made by the bank, the determined loan amount will be given to you without interest.

With Ziraat Bank’s interest-free consumer loan, you can easily meet the amount required for marriage preparations. The loan amount and repayment schedule will be determined based on the applicant’s income, credit rating and other financial factors. If you make your loan repayments regularly, you can complete your loan without paying any interest.

You can take advantage of Ziraat Bank’s interest-free consumer loan opportunity to ease your pre-marriage financial burdens and enjoy this special period. To benefit from this campaign, you can apply to Ziraat Bank branches or apply online through the bank’s official website. Remember, Ziraat Bank is here to be with you on your happiest days.

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