An ultimatum to the EU from ChatGPT creator OpenAI!

An ultimatum to the EU from ChatGPT creator OpenAI!
An ultimatum to the EU from ChatGPT creator OpenAI!
European Union And European CommissionChatGPT may be the first set of rules globally to govern artificial intelligence a law working on it. As part of the draft, companies that use productive AI tools like ChatGPT will have to disclose the copyrighted materials they use to develop their systems. It looks like this ChatGPT creator is the CEO of OpenAI Sam AltmanIt’s disturbing.

ultimatum from Sam Altman

Sam Altman said in a statement that OpenAI will comply with the European Union’s upcoming artificial intelligence regulations. that he might consider leaving Europe if he “couldn’t wake up” told. Altman said OpenAI will try to comply once the regulation in Europe is set, before considering withdrawal.

Sam Altman told Reuters “The current draft of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act was going to be over-regulatory, but we’ve heard that it will be withdrawn. They’re still talking about it.” said. EU parliamentarians earlier this month draft law reached common ground. It will now be negotiated between representatives of Parliament, the Council and the Commission to determine the final details of the bill.

Altman, “There is a lot they can do, such as changing the definition of general purpose AI systems. There is a lot that can be done.” uses expressions. On the other hand, it should be noted that Altman is not against artificial intelligence regulations. They had stated in their previous statements that the regulations were essential. Finally, let’s say that the general purpose AI system is in the position of a category recommended by lawmakers to account for AI tools with multiple applications, such as productive artificial intelligence models such as Midjourney and Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

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