Those who consume dark chocolate, beware! Contains lead and cadmium

Those who consume dark chocolate, beware! Contains lead and cadmium
Those who consume dark chocolate, beware! Contains lead and cadmium

Consumer Reports, a US consumer group, urged four chocolate makers to lower the lead and cadmium content in their dark chocolate products. It was stated that these substances pose a great risk to pregnant women and young children. These dark chocolates are also heavily sold in Turkey.

Consumer Reports reported that chocolate has long-term exposure to metals, in a document sent to chocolate makers such as Hershey Co, Mondelez International Inc, Theo Chocolate, and Trader Joe’s. It can cause nervous system problems, suppression of the immune system, and kidney damage.

The group added more than 55,000 petitions to the letter, emphasizing that the metallic substances in chocolate pose a greater risk to pregnant women and young children due to the risk of physical development problems.

Last month, Consumer Reports reported that if you eat more than 1 ounce of chocolate a day, 23 of 28 dark chocolates tested had harmful levels of lead and cadmium. Two of their chocolate products, Hershey’s Lilly, Mondelez’s Green and Black, and Trader Joe’s, contained high levels of lead and cadmium.

Consumer Reports explained that many consumers eat dark chocolate for its health benefits and relatively low sugar content, but paradoxically overlook the unhealthy effects of heavy metals.

Chocolate manufacturers did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The National Confectionery Association has denied that the company’s chocolate is still a safe food, saying the California State Health Guidelines based on Consumer Reports do not have ‘food safety standards’.

Since Consumer Reports published its findings, Trader Joe’s has been sued by consumers at least nine times.

Consumer groups are also known to sue Hershey and Mondelez for heavy metal risks in their products.

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