Red label discounts have started in CarrefourSA markets! Here are the new prices for basic food: Oil 129.99 TL Rice 39.95 TL Tomato paste 39.95 TL Milk 12.25 TL

After the great increase in the prices of all products on the market shelves, citizens are doing price research on basic food products. The price hikes on some of the food products are burning the pockets. After the price increases in products such as oil, rice and tomato paste, many chain markets started to announce big discount opportunities.

CarrefourSA announced its new campaigns. The price reductions make it easier for citizens to purchase basic food products. Due to the economic problems that started in the middle of 2021, which we left behind, price hikes were announced one after another for products such as oil and tomato paste. After these price hikes, the prices of 5-liter sunflower oils reached 200 TL and the purchasing power of the citizens was greatly shaken. While the increases in prices could not be stopped, the prices of the products sold at exorbitant prices were lowered after the decisions taken.

While sunflower oil was one of the products that caused a sensation with price increases, successive discounts on this product drew attention. At the last point, 5 liters of sunflower oil had an average price between 180 TL and 250 TL. While it is noteworthy that the prices of sunflower oils, which are the own brands of many markets, are quite high, citizens started to search for discount markets. On the other hand, the increase in the prices of products such as milk, tomato paste and rice was remarkable.

CarrefourSA, on the other hand, announced that it made large-scale discounts on these products. As part of the discounts, the prices of these products have decreased significantly. Here are CarrefourSA sunflower oil, tomato paste, milk, cheddar cheese, baldo rice prices!

CarrefourSA Oil, Tomato Paste, Cheddar Cheese, Baldo Rice, Milk Opportunities!

Within the scope of the new discount announced by the chain market CarrefourSA, the prices of 6 different products were reduced. After this discount, citizens have already started to empty the shelves. The effects of this new campaign, which has just taken its place among the price reductions carried out regularly by CarrefourSA, on the prices of the products are as follows;

  • Sırma 4 Liters of Sunflower Oil: 129.90 TL instead of 158.90 TL
  • Reis Gonen Baldo Rice: 39.95 TL instead of 47.90 TL
  • Tat Tomato Paste: 39.95 TL instead of 49.95 TL
  • Carrefour Sunflower Oil: 152.50 TL
  • Carrefour Fat Milk: 12.25 TL
  • Carrefour Cheddar Cheese: 72.50 TL

People who want to buy these products at these prices can visit CarrefourSA stores and shop at affordable prices.

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