Announced to those who have an account at Ziraat Bank!

Announced to those who have an account at Ziraat Bank!
Announced to those who have an account at Ziraat Bank!

According to the Banking Laws in Turkey, accounts that have not seen any activity for 10 years are transferred to YTM. Ziraat Bank also made an announcement on the internet for the accounts to be transferred in 2023 in accordance with the relevant legislation. Accounts of people who do not see this announcement can be transferred within 2023.

What To Do For Those Who Have An Account

People can find out whether they are on the statute of limitations list by entering their Name, Surname and requested personal information into the search engine organized on the bank’s website. Customers whose names are on the list should go to the bank branches as soon as possible and get information about their accounts.

What Statement Was Made Through the Bank?

According to the law published in the Official Gazette dated 22.04.2021 and numbered 31462; The most recent claim of the deposit account holder regarding his account is transferred to the Investor Compensation Center if 10 years have elapsed from the date of application.

Customers whose names are on the list of deposit accounts subject to statute of limitations should apply to our branches immediately before the transfer date. Otherwise, it has been stated that the accounts will be transferred on behalf of the depositor under the responsibility of YTM.

What Does the Legislation Say About This?

According to the Investor Compensation Center Regulation; Institutions charged with collecting deposits are obliged to transfer the time-barred investments to accounts to be opened on behalf of individuals until the end of the month in which they became time-barred.

If the investment owner applies, the balance at Takasbank and Central Registry Agency is refunded upon the registered request of the investor who requests a refund.

In the petition to be forwarded;

  • Identity containing the investor’s identification number, if the heir, the heirship document,
  • Residence address
  • Deposit information to be refunded

It should be located.

If the right holder is a legal person;

  • Title of legal entity and Tax number
  • Identity information and signature statements of the persons authorized to represent the legal entity
  • Document showing the authority to represent the legal entity

takes place.

Takas bank and MKK’s receivables are made until the 15th of the next month from the date they make the refund request. If the transfer day falls on a public holiday, payment will be made the next business day.

The account types refunded are; If the current account is linked to an intermediary institution, the investment account is the stocks in the bank. In order to find out whether you have an account among the deposit accounts to be transferred, please write your name in the relevant section of Ziraat Bank’s website and make an inquiry.

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