‘Book Club’ held its second interview


The ‘Book Club’, moderated by Edirne Merkez Yüksel Yeşil Primary School Class Teacher Mesut Omca and consisting of class parents, held its second interview.

  • 21.11.2023 14:00
  • Update: 21.11.2023 14:00

In this interview, author Özgür Bolat’s book “Don’t Punish Me with a Reward” was examined and the movie “Lord of the Flies”, adapted to the cinema from the allegorical novel of the same name written by Nobel Prize-winning British novelist and poet William Golding in 1954, was discussed. At the event, Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. He took part in Syria Altıay.

Acting with the idea that there should be an awareness and development effort in parents, teachers and other adults in order to develop the desired behaviors in children, the participants stated that “internal motivation” is very important in the development of the individual and that external control-oriented factors such as “rewards” weaken the internal motivation in the individual and hinder the learning and development process. It was said that he shot him.

“Reward is actually a punishment.” For example; When children are told “If you do your homework, you can play with the computer” to help them do their homework, it turns homework into a “tool” and playing with the computer into a “goal”, thus giving negative meaning to homework and causing a confusion between purpose and tool; It was said that playing with the computer, which seemed like a reward to the child, turned out to be an element of punishment. It was emphasized at the meeting that if you don’t do your homework, it means you can’t play on the computer.

It was explained that the most important factor in learning is to develop internal motivation and that families should work to develop internal motivation in the child instead of rewards, and to do this, the PIDE (perspective, need, emotion, labor) method described in the book was explained. Examples of scientific studies on the harms of the reward were given. It was discussed that the movie watched provided very important information about human behavior.

In the interview held at the event, Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Syria Altıay contributed to the book and film review by giving examples from her own life. He also answered questions asked by parents about children’s health. In addition, at the meeting, information was given about the practices that can be done in child health as a precaution against diseases, especially with the arrival of the winter season.

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