Fascism burns books first | Gaffar Yakinca

Fascism burns books first | Gaffar Yakinca
Fascism burns books first | Gaffar Yakinca

Westerners insist on not understanding the seriousness of the act of burning the Mushaf-i-Sharif. Even the most sane ones cannot go further than saying “it is wrong, but it is freedom of expression after all”. Even the most anti-fascist and most democrat sections of Europe cannot hear even the slightest condemnation!

However, this action should have terrified the Europeans as much as the Muslims. Because the disaster that started in the heart of Europe in the recent past and cost the lives of 80 million people started with the burning of books.


In April 1933, the Nazi Student Union called for “the burning of non-German books”. “Extermination lists” were drawn up of hundreds of “not German enough” authors, among them Mann, Benjamin, Freud, Brecht, Einstein, Musil, Seghers. The books of many foreign authors such as Dostoyevsky, Hemingway, London, and Sinclair were also included in the list of burns on the grounds that they were “enemy to the German spirit”. The Jewish holy book, the Torah, was also at the top of the list.

Book burnings became a kind of Pagan ritual throughout Germany. Books collected from libraries were piled up in the city squares, great fires were lit to the accompaniment of marches and speeches. These “festivities” were broadcast live on German radio.

The Nazis, who started by burning books in 1933, were now burning people, just eight years later. By the 1940s, specially designed gas chambers were killing communists, Roma, and Jews, and human ashes were raining down on cities from furnaces that worked day and night to increase the efficiency of the massacre.

How terrible it is for Europeans to turn their backs on this simple knowledge, the fact that it all started by burning books! Moreover, the scoundrel who burned the Mushaf-i Sharif comes precisely from the political line of these murderers. Fascism is on the rise in Europe in an extremely dangerous way. Politicians, blindfolded by their enmity towards Turkey, are deceiving their own people with tales of freedom of thought.


Perhaps the greatest achievement of Westerners is their ability to market arrogance and racism under the guise of “civilization”. The Western discourse of freedom of thought resembles a shadow play full of deception. Condemning even the absence of a gay march in Istanbul, the United States refuses to condemn the fascist action against Muslims, glossing over it as “disrespectful but legal”.

The reason that America finds not to condemn is really festivity to the houses. It is also legal for terrorist convicts Selahattin Demirtaş and Osman Kavala to be in prison, but the Americans do not respect these decisions at all. The law deserves respect if it belongs to Sweden, but the laws of Muslims and Turks are not counted as law!

In Europe, which regards insulting Muslims as freedom, it is considered a crime to say “there is no Armenian genocide” in at least five countries today, and those who say this are imprisoned. It turns out that the so-called freedom of thought is a luxury available only to the Western white man.

The burning of the Mushaf will not harm us or Islam, we will condemn it. However, tolerated fascism can turn into a monster that will devour the West at any moment.


Ahmet Yıldız’s book “Returning to the East in Literature” consists of articles on indigenousness in literature. It can be mind-opening to read at a time when Turkish literature/Turkish literature debates are starting again. The book dated 2020 was published by Boyalıkuş Publications.

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