40 States of Grapes Became a Book

Gazikultur A.Ş, one of the affiliates of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Özden (Marble) Özsabuncuoğlu and Prof.

Gazikultur A.Ş, one of the affiliates of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Özden (Marble) Özsabuncuoğlu and Prof. Dr. He published the book “40 Forms of Grape Making Şire – UNESCO Gastronomy City in Gaziantep” prepared and prepared by İsmail Hakkı Özsabuncuoğlu.

The book, which describes the use of grapes in the daily life of Gaziantep, which has turned into a world-class gastronomy city, and the culture of obtaining vinegar from grapes, consists of 188 pages. The publication coordinator of the book is Hakan Tanrıöver, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazikultür, and the editorship of the book is Prof. Dr. Made by Halil İbrahim Yakar. The book was offered for sale at the Panorama 25 December Museum, Gaziantep Zeugma Museum and Archeology Museum Gazikultur stores, in distinguished bookstores across Turkey, on Gazikultur’s website “magazagaziantep.com” and on select websites that sell books.

Gazikultur General Manager, who was the editor of the book, Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Yakar, in his statement, reminded that Gaziantep cuisine is one of the eight most important cuisines in the world by entering the UNESCO “Creative Cities Network” in the field of gastronomy in 2015.

Yakar stated that by including the flavor and diversity of Gaziantep cuisine, whose importance has been registered worldwide by UNESCO, into this network, Gaziantep has demonstrated its potential in this regard, and said:

“With the registration of UNESCO, Gaziantep cuisine, which has become one of the cuisines that are usually referred to by country names in the world, with its city name, has introduced to the whole world that it has a unique feature among Turkish cuisine. Grapes and grape growing have a special place in Gaziantep’s agricultural culture for centuries. Grape bunches on Hittite reliefs. As can be seen, grapes and bunches of grapes are used as decorative motifs in the mosaics excavated from Zeugma. This proves that grapes have been produced and consumed in this region for hundreds of years. As a matter of fact, Evliya Çelebi stated that 375 years ago, the mountains around Gaziantep were completely covered with vineyards and that the people here were “sweet”. sweet-tongued because of what he ate”.

From this point of view, this book is a great document as it tells the grape and its history as impure with the history of the city, and sheds light on the gastronomic history of the city.”

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