Construction worker nature photographer

Construction worker nature photographer
Construction worker nature photographer

NEWS/ Ali Çevikbaş- Süleyman Er Değer (44), a construction worker in ISPARTA, has been taking photographs in nature as a hobby for 7 years. Stating that he has a particular interest in butterflies, Erdeger said that he has photographed 158 of the 168 butterfly species found in the city so far.

Süleyman Erdeger, a high school graduate who has been working in construction in Isparta for 20 years, takes natural life photographs as a hobby in his spare time. Explaining that he has a particular interest in butterflies because he has loved them since his childhood, Erdeger managed to photograph 158 of the 168 butterfly species in Isparta. Stating that he has been taking natural life photographs since 2016, Er Değer stated that he also photographed the ‘Dedegöl blue butterfly’, which lives only in Isparta Yenişarbademli.


Süleyman Erdeger said, “I am engaged in construction work. I do cladding, insulation and interior painting. I take photographs on weekends as a hobby. Taking butterflies in photography is my area of ​​expertise. It is a hobby that I love very much. Butterflies attract us because they wander around in places with beautiful areas and beautiful plants.” It always takes us to beautiful places. In that respect, the nature of Isparta is very rich in terms of plant diversity. Since it is very rich, butterflies naturally live in abundance. That’s why we are lucky in Isparta. We have friends coming from outside. We all build land together. In Turkey, only those living in Isparta live. “There is the ‘Dedegöl blue butterfly’. Friends coming from abroad come to photograph this butterfly. We also have these friends take photos of the butterfly. The number of people taking butterfly photographs in Isparta cannot exceed the fingers of one hand. We have 5 friends who we actively visit all the time,” he said.


Recommending nature photography to young people, Erdeger said that it is enjoyable to go to the most beautiful places and observe wild animals. Talking about the difficulties of butterfly photography, Erdeger said, “Birds, butterflies and wild animals travel in low light. They travel when people are not around. Close to sunrise and sunset. Since people appear, they do not wander around much during the day. They are not constantly on the move during the day. That’s why we get up early in the morning. “We have to go. We have to return late in the evening. We have to visit a lot of land. Besides, we have to spend a lot of money,” he said.


Erdeger also explained that butterflies are abundant in the Sütçüler, Aksu, Yenişarbademli, Güneykent and Uluborlu regions of Isparta. Stating that he was surprised to hear that people around him were both construction workers and butterfly photographers, Erdeger said: “We first chat about photography and butterflies with my friends. When I tell them about my profession, ‘I’m a builder’, they say ‘what’s the point?’ They are very surprised. I’m at university.” “They say they think they are a working faculty member or any other education officer. They are very surprised. But since I love my job, have traveled a lot of land and have had a lot of experience, we also have some information.”

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