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Banning of Ilkay Akkaya’s Urfa concert moved to the judiciary

Banning of Ilkay Akkaya’s Urfa concert moved to the judiciary
Banning of Ilkay Akkaya’s Urfa concert moved to the judiciary

WALL – The ban by the governorship of the concert by the artist Ilkay Akkaya to be held in Urfa on September 25th, on the grounds that it was “not deemed appropriate” was brought to the judiciary.

HDP Urfa Provincial Co-Chair lawyer Ahmet Atış and Human Rights Association (İHD) Urfa Branch Co-Chair lawyer Sümeyye Koç filed a lawsuit against the Urfa Governor’s Office with the Urfa Administrative Court on Duty demanding a stay of execution.

According to the news in Evrensel, in the petition, it was reminded that the event was banned 3 days before the concert, and it was stated that the ban decision was not in the public interest. In the petition, it was stated that the ban decision was taken considering the political identities of the fans who listened to the artist, and it was noted that there was no concrete reason for the decision. In the petition, which stated that the ban decision should be annulled because it violates the principle of proportionality, it was stated, “We demand that the action subject to the lawsuit be suspended without the administration’s defense, and that the Governorate’s decision to cancel the action regarding the cancellation of the concert.”


Urfa 2nd Administrative Court examined the petition and gave the following decision:

“A legible and certified copy of the proceedings and the information and documents forming the basis of this action be requested, the request for a stay of execution according to the nature of the event and the situation of the case be examined after the first defense of the defendant administration is received and the interim decision is fulfilled,” Law No. 2577 on Administrative Jurisdiction It was unanimously decided to set the defense and interim decision period as 7 days, pursuant to paragraph 5 of Articles 20 and 27 of the Law.

Artist Ilkay Akkaya, on his social media account of the decision of the application for a stay of execution, said, “Today, such a decision was made in our application for a stay of execution. Let’s see what the result will be after a week. Endless thanks to all our friends for their support and solidarity.” (NEWS CENTER)

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